How does truly work the Facebook marketing & Instagram marketing algorithm?

Both Facebook & Instagram needs to solve 1 key challenge – there has been 13 x more content than they can put on the timeline of different users.

So, Facebook & Instagram engineers are all the time developing “artificial intelligence” that is all the time calculating, what content show to different users (according their interests and reactions on Facebook). The Facebook engine is searching for “TOP 1 % engaging content” that your potential clients love the most.

So, creating the Facebook post & the Facebook content has been the highest responsibility. In my “Golden Facebook Marketing Strategy” in this course you will see, what does it exactly mean on real examples of success projects, which has won in Facebook marketing.

Please remember that getting as many shares as possible is the best solution! Priority shall be also for you the likes, clicks and different kinds of reactions. If people comment, please try your best to develop the communication with them.